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Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi MiJia review

Meet the first generation robotic vacuum Xiaomi MiJia. This is an intelligent and hard working device to assist you at home. This model comes with the best combination of options - the ability to scan the living space and powerful suction force. Obviously, Xiaomi robotic vacuum is distinguished by its trendy design and excellent performance. Thankfully, Xiaomi Mi would do everything to maximally free you from cleaning routing.

Unlike standard models, this robot vacuum has a small round scanner on the top, that detects the location of surrounding objects at a frequency of 1800 times per minute! It instantly set up a cleaning plan, changing it if necessary. Because of the scanner equipped, the high of the jet is slightly larger than standard (9.6 cm vs 8 cm). In general, this first generation robotic vacuum comes with only 12 sensors! These sensors ensure that the robot would run on a programmed pattern, not hit with furniture (which can be moved away during vacuum), not fall off the ladder, and optimized its cycle. This robot vacuum operates as quickly as possible and according its optimal pattern. It takes up to 30 minutes to clean a two-rooms apartment.

The robot vacuum Xiaomi Mi can be manually started from a button on the top or using the mobile app Mi home app, no remote control comes with it. But the app, that can be installed on the phone or tablet, gives control and even more option to manipulate. With app you can start the vacuum if you are out, program the time to start cleaning, program for how long it would run, and in what days. The robot can be controlled and programmed remotely using your smartphone, the application let you see the cleaning pattern, time, battery level, etc. To control the robot vacuum Xiaomi Mi first generation you need to connect it to Wi-Fi, and the indicator lights blue on the top of the device. Since the application able to control all Xiaomi products, you need to tick on robot vacuum to add it. Robot vacuum Xiaomi Mi has two buttons - On / Off and Search for the dock. Buttons placed too close to each other, so that if you press them both together, programmed timer and cleaning history will reset.

You have to remove wires and small parts from the floor before robot runs. When the rotating brush suck them up, the cleaning cycle stops and comes an audible alarm. The robot also signals about work completion or charging on the dock, in English or Chinese. If you have dark flooring, sensors might confuse a black carpet with a ledge, and refuse to pass over it. You need to turn on the light to enlight this places enough, since it affects the sensors.

 Battery life is also an important factor to consider – with lithium battery capacity of 5200 mAh robot can run the area up to 250 sq. m. before requiring a recharge. Robot vacuum Xiaomi Mi can run continuously for more than two and a half  hours. If you have a bigger living area and the robot vacuum needs to be docked, it will automatically run to the dock, recharge and start cleaning from the same place. Suction power of the jet - 1800 Pa (for example, the same index for ILIFE V7 and ILIFE V7S Pro - 400 Pa). The side brush assists by sweeping away the debris underneath the vacuum cleaner, when rotating brush with bristles collect the dust neatly. Due to the sensors, while working around the perimeter, the vacuum cleaner moves as close to the wall, as possible - up to 10 mm.

Dust tank capacity is 0.42 l, to eject it you need to lever the hood. The dust bin is easy-to-remove. To wash it, you need to eject the HEPA filter by pressing it from the inside. Filter can be cleaned with a brush, or you can  replace it with the new one. This model does not come equipped with the wet platform and has not wet cleaning cycle. The robot vacuum perfectly runs on any type of hard floor, can operate on low pile carpet. To place the charging dock correctly, place it so, to keep 0,5 meter of free space from both sides and 1 meter of free space in front of it. To ensure the robot vacuum proper work, clean its lower parts periodically -  the rotating brush (long hair can be easily removed from the rotating brush by simply cutting them with scissors along the brush; other debris clean easily from the brush bristles with a small scallop, that comes with the kit), the front rotating wheel (pick it up with a sharp object, dispose the dust from the cavity of the wheel).

Robotic vacuum Xiaomi Mi is an intelligent and decent jet for the price, among the pros: high-end quality and style, cleaning cycle according to its pattern, quite running, wide range of App programming; among the cons: some finds it difficult to navigate the app and understand it (but in general the robot vacuum can run without being programmed through app), the kit comes without any good brush for dustbin cleaning.

Main features

Xiaomi MiJia Mi customers reviews


Deals well with cat food and hair. Have no idea where it finds pet hair, it remains a mystery. After cleaning the entire apartment, the dust tank is full. Battery life lasts for 2 complete cleaning our 4 rooms before it needs to be recharge.

It comes with two modes - normal and more powerful. Depend on how clean is your house you can choose necessary.

You can start the vacuum cleaner through the application, control the entire trajectory that it passed.


Was a bit difficult to adgust settings of the "Smart Home" application, but I got it.

Get rid of  wires before cleaning, it happens that robot chews them."



We run the robot once in every 2-3 days and it comes with almost full dust tank every time, while it seems that the floor is clean. It runs to clean under the couches, coffee table and other places difficult to approach – where we rarely go to clean and the dust accumulated. It runs well in the corners and along perimeter of the rooms. Deals very well with cat hair, as well with the hair, but the brush needs to be clean sometimes. You can check the cleaning pattern in the app installed, choose one of 4 power modes, see the statistics of cleaning, control when changing the filters and clean the sensor, set up the cleaning schedule, and start the manual mode. The app is in English, and the robotic vacuum programmed in English (you can select a language pack in the settings).


So far, I've only discovered one problem - if it runs to clean the apartment, you need to leave the doors open and pet hair and dust stucked behind the doors, because robot sweeps it there, but could not collect.

It could not cope with a high pile carpet (5-6 cm pile).

You need to pack the wires, charging cords, because the robot will suck them. It's not critical for the device, it will just turns off, reports the problem with voice signal  and with the application."


Completely original and high-end brand Xiaomi. Easy to control through the application, but many instructions are still in Chinese. I also have a roomba 650 robot, and it runs worst  than Χiaomi, although pricier. After compared, I would say that Xiaomi clean perfectly, and scan precisely the whole area of the room. I think this is a great purchase for the price, and I fully recommend it.


Robot communicate in Chinese ,many apps settings are also in Chinese, despite that the application working language is  English. It is difficult to control a robot through an application if you are not an Android user. As an option, check out one of the hundreds manual videos on YouTube ".