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Robot vacuum cleaner Chuwi ILIFE V7S PRO review

Meet the ILIFE V7 S Pro robotic vacuum. This is an advanced model of a robot vacuum cleaner with a water tank for damp mop cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7 S Pro, as its small brother ILIFE V7, is an autonomous and intelligent, easy to use device. Trendy gentle pink color would perfectly match any interior.

The robot comes equipped with a simple and inteligible remote control. ILIFE V7 S Pro robot vacuum cleaner sweeps  according its cleaning pattern, runs along the perimeter and center of the room; there is an option to select one of the four cleaning patterns and schedule automatic activation. The large capacity of a lithium rechargeable battery of 2500 mAh makes it possible to clean the space up to 220  sq.m. with no stop. In general, it runs up to 60 minutes for a thorough cleaning of a 20 sq.m. room. If you want it cleans more deliberatly, we advise you to keep the ILIFE V7 S Pro robot vacuum cleaner closed in each room of the house alternately. The robot vacuum can tackle apartments, where floor is on low pile carpet, laminate, linoleum and other types of hard floor. It is possible that the robot would not pass through the long-pile carpet. It can pass it, but with a bit slow speed. Dust tank capacity is 0,3 l. It may seem not enough, but in fact, it is reliable when it comes to getting rid of standard household detritus in a three-room apartment. Dust tank equipped with a meshed and HEPO-filter, and additional filter in the kit. Easy-to-remove dust bin you can simply eject and empty into the nearest garbage can. Before start cleaning, hide the wires and small parts, since the robot collects them during clearing cycle. After they were sucked up, small objects get into the tank, while wires bound onto the rotating brush so that can be easily damaged. If  it happened, the clearing cycle will stop and an audible signal will alarm, the touch button on the robot vacuum cleaner lights up in red. Periodically it is recommend to clean the rotating brush - to clean it from the bound hair just cut them along the clearing brush. Another note, dust may clogged up the grooves of the front rotating wheel. Don't take as long, try to remove it easily, by pick it from one side with a sharp object.

The main distinction of this model is the presence of a water tank. To change the cycle from dry to damp mop cleaning, use a special water tank, fill it with warm (not hot) water and replace a dustbin with the water tank. Stick the cleaning cloth on the bottom. Please remember, only dry or damp cleaning pattern operates in one cycle, i.e. while mop cleaning with a water tank, the robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7 S Pro doesn't collect dust. The pump regularly supplies the mop with water keeping it permanently wet. When the vacuum cleaner stops, the water supply stops. The capacity of the water tank is 450 ml. Please don't use wet cycle for the carpet cleaning. Wet cleaning is a perfect option for a light and refreshing cleaning on a free surface. For the large open spaces this method of wet cleaning is especially convenient. For best results, we recommend to moisten the mop before operating cycle and periodically rinse the mop considering the range of the working area. Another note, this model could operate only with one tool in cycle: you can't install both a dust collector and a platform with a mop, as in the ILIFE V7 model (you would not close the lid on the robot). Remember, in this cycle the mop may be very wet, and it fits only the tiles cleaning, laminate or parquet can be damaged.

Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7 S Pro works quietly (up to 60 db). It equipped with a versatile bumper with sensors in the front, so that approaching the large obstacle the robot slows down, while the versatile bumper softens the bump. Sensors hardly recognise small objects, so the robot can drive through them. There are sensors against falling from a height, with their activation the robot changes direction on the future pass. ILIFE V7 S Pro as high as 8 cm, so it can easily collect the dust underneath most couches and elevated cabinets without the need of your participation.

Additional accessories, such as brushes, a dust collector or a filter, are generally not pricier and can be easily find on a good price, if necessary. Robot vacuum cleaner indicates the state of being ready to operate or occurred problems with sound and light signals. The signals meaning can be found in the manual. It finds the dock slowly, but correctly, if you indicate it from the console. You can also put the vacuum cleaner on the charging dock directly, and in a few minutes robot will adjust to become recharging, if you do not match the charging terminals. Robot overcomes the doorstep easily and can move through the 10 degrees angle surface. In general, do not expect from this model shining washed floor. Most robot vacuums are reliable when it comes to getting rid of standard household detritus, and it would perfectly deal with a minimum task - to refresh the surface. So you don't really have to worry about dry cleaning, as robot try to reach every secret corner of your house to dispose the dust.

Main features

Chuwi ILIFE V7S PRO customers reviews


 - despite the fact that it works chaotically, it collects the dust carefully

 - cope with a small threshold in my house

 - can drive on the carpet

 - on the carpet it works quietly, on the laminate and tile works louder

 - I would recommend it.

 It should be remembered that it does not substitute the regular vacuum cleaner!



 - complicated wet cleaning pattern. As the device works chaotically and leaves traces.

- for the laminate floor, it's better to eliminate mop cleaning, since come with wet mop attachments, robot doesn't as effective overall. The problem, for instance, when the vacuum cleaner comes with the wet mop and stops for a longer time (then the laminate plates swell).

 - not suitable for long pile carpet

 - on some carpets (even with a short nap) does not operate, turns around. "



- ILIFE V7 S Pro is a very good robot vacuum cleaner, works efficiently, operate with a mop, on affordable price, very quiet and can be programmed.


- The mop for damp washing is difficult to install correctly and no detergent can be added to the water tank (it can be applied on the mop only). "


It worth the money you paid, the ideal robot vacuum cleaner. Starts a cleaning along the walls after you press the button, and "spot cleaning" mode (spiral movements) with remote control. Wet cleaning is also an advantage, but in this mode, robot find it difficult to overcome even the low doorsteps, need your assistance to overcome from room to room obstacles.


Long transportation from China. "



Excellent vacuum cleaner for the price. Dispose the dust neatly, works silent, no need in your assistance. Now there is much more free time and the apartment remains clean. I set up cleaning mode every morning and robot runs and clean apartment while I come back from work. It can hit every room in the house before requiring a recharge.


 A bit bulky, but depending of the size of your house, it takes space for parking on charge dock maneuver. May be difficult to find a space in one-room apartment. I found a storage space for mine in the kitchen and it parking perfectly. No cons except that one.