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Robot vacuum cleaner Chuwi ILIFE V7 review

ILIFE V7 robot vacuum cleaner will help you to take care of a pretty thankless job. That along is a good reason to consider one. Trendy blue color and ergonomic design would match almost any interior. A simple and functional no-frills model of robot vacuum for the price. This "hard performer" would surprise you with its productivity - even in every day cleaning, it will find a dust, hairs and other debris.

Forget about manual at all, to start this go robo technology you need one finger lift. The device has one and only one touch button - ON the cleaning mode and OFF it. Underneath you will find a button to switch on/off the power. The remote control buttons goes with images, so you can easily understand which one sends a robot to the charge dock or makes it run across the same place multiple times. If you want, your robot vacuum can be programmed and controlled remotely using your smartphone, just install an app (for Android) APP Bluetooth Remote Control. The robot ILIFE V7 uses several cleaning modes: automatic cleaning, work on perimeter, work on the same place multiple times (circle work), programmed work.

Note on battery life: rechargeable lithium battery with the capacity of 2500 mAh allows the robot to run for a very long time before requiring a recharge. The capacity of the battery enough to start the cleaning cycle and runs the living area of 150 sq. m. before it needs to be docked. That, for example, ILIFE V7 can run one-room apartment with a living area of 50 sq.m. several times in a normal cleaning mode before requiring to recharge. To tackle one room of 15 sq.m. on a standard cleaning mode you can look for something in 15 maximum of 30 minutes while robot works in a "free" mode. If you want to save time or you need to send the cleaner on a certain area, use the remote control to navigate the vacuum cleaner. To charge the battery to full it only takes 2 hours. In first use you charge the robot from the cable, the subsequent use - on the charging dock.

Due to the OBS system robot can dispose the dust by reaching every single corner of the room. The robot may not reach deep down in the corner, but the protruding rotating brush enters the corners where it possible and cleans the perimeter of the room well. The sensor on the front bumper detects large obstacles and the robot vacuum slows down approaching them for maneuver on the future pass. It runs easily on a carpet, passes through a smooth doorsteps, but can get stuck facing the stationary cloth dryer. On a carpet with a high pile, it slips a little, while runs very easily on the low pile carpet.

 The robot runs quietly, only 50 dB noise level. You hardly find yourself sleeping when the robot runs to clean the room, but if the background noise does not bother you, leave the vacuum cleaner behind a closed door. Please note, the robot may run through small objects as you leave children's toys or other small parts lying on the floor. If they sucked up, small objects get into the dust tank, while wires bound onto the rotating brush, so that they can be easily damaged. Unless being programmed, the robot vacuum runs standard mode.

Despite the small volume of the dustbin - 0.3 l, this capacity is enough to operate at least one cleaning cycle. Dust bin come equipped with filter and the grid; you need to press the top hood to open the bin and simply eject it. The dust bin is easy-to-remove and clean. Dust can be collected in the bin during several cleaning cycles, but in that case, when eject the bin to empty into the nearest garbage can, don't throw dirt on the floor. Periodically it is recommend to clean the rotating brush - to clean it from the bound hair just cut them along the clearing brush. Having poked something sharp (for example a screwdriver), you can dig out a small rotating wheel to clean, because the dust may clogged up the it grooves. As a small bonus, the robot comes equipped with the platform for wet cleaning. With that tool you can use wet cloth to refresh a small  living area. To note here, the robot can wipe the floor with the wet platform after you pour some water or a detergent to wash it. It could not run on the carpet with wet platform installed.

Place the charging dock near the wall, so that to keep enough free space in front of it- around 2 metres, and from both sides – around 1 meter. If you send a robot to the dock by pressing the "Home" button on the remote control from another room, it will be wandering for a long time while arrive there, although it can wander in the same room (at the time it does not operate in a cleaning cycle!). That's why we recommend you to bring it closer to the charging dock and send it there in an automatic mode. If you translocate robot and place it on the dock manually, it will adjust itself automatically and seat for recharging properly in a couple of minutes.

Robotic vacuum can send you certain signals, for example, with sound signals:

1 beep: check the roller wheel and brush;

2 beeps: clean the sensor and check the bumper;

3 beeps: move the robot to the open space and restart it;

4 beeps: check the rotating brush.

Also, the touch button can change the light indicator: red - error, yellow  - in charge, green - ready to use / work. Comes with European plug or with adapter on request.

Main features

Chuwi ILIFE V7 customers reviews


The vacuum  runs and does it work very well. It runs randomly according to its cleaning pattern, and thanks to the capacity of the battery it vacuum my 3-room apartment before it runs out of juice. Almost every day it sucks up dust from nowhere.


 The standard price emptying your wallet.

 No HEPA filter"


 It's a wonderful device, I've been using it for about one year and a half. I have 2 cats, and it deals with pet hair well. So, I enjoy the way it runs and rely on it.


 Not found yet."



 Super quiet, intelligent, easy to use. I have another well known brand robotic vacuum, which I paid more, but ilife v7 does not concede it.


 Doesn't have a "barrier wall"



Robotic vacuum  ILIFE V7 would exceed your expectations for a no-frills model. Long battery life in the automatic mode. Cleans perfectly.


 The application is only available in Chinese.

 The plug comes with a European adapter, it would be great to purchase it with a European plug modification."


Simple and easy to use. Runs and disposes the dust perfectly, especially helps me to deals with cat hair, collects the debris everywhere. Easy-to-remove dust bin, you can simply eject it and clean. Use a standard vacuum cleaner in a minimum. It's not very noisy, but I could not asleep while it runs. Do not forget to pack your wires and other cables, because being sucked, the brush bound it so hard, that it can be damage.


No cons for this model, but I realized that the "barrier wall" option would work with my space."