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Modern life is so fast and full of important and fascinating moments, that you would rarely want to spend priceless time with labor-intensive chore, such as cleaning the house. Thankfully, new technologies are here to make your life easier. Being relatively new product category, jets can help keep your floors spick-and-span with little effort on your part. Today we have the opportunity to use jets, that take care of our apartment autonomously. Robotic vacuum cleaner, a disk-shaped compact device, is one of these remarkable jets.

Today, this is not a luxury any more, but a must have thing. Robotic vacuum cleaner runs your house completely without the need of assistance. Robot can maneuver around furniture without needing help due to its compact dimensions.  You no longer have to suffer the task to vacuum your living area, robot vacuum runs to clean both a small apartment, and a big house.

Why to buy robot vacuum cleaner:

Operation mode

Robotic vacuums programmed to operate autonomously and intelligent. The device equipped  with special sensors, that make it easy to navigate around your home and change the future pass, if approaching any objects in the room, carefully runs around them. Sensors usually located on the top of the device, so sometimes the robot cleaner may "not see" the obstacle. In this case, it bumps an object, then changes the trajectory of movement, and a moving bumper will protect a surface of furniture or other obstacles from a risk to be damaged. The small dimentions of the robot vacuum cleaner (height is up to 10 cm depending on the model) make it possible to run underneath most couches and furniture with legs and perform neatly. The jet equipped with one or two side brushes, that sweep the dust and debris underneath the vacuum cleaner, where the rotating brush suck it up into the tank (basically deal well with hair and pet hair). Moreover, side brush sweeps well against the walls of the room along the whole perimeter.

Before to start the clearing cycle, you need to choose a specific programmed pattern. To do this, use the buttons on the jet. The more advanced robots come equipped with auto timer, so you can programm the clean of the apartment at a time when no one at home, which is certainly very convenient.

The dust  which the vacuum cleaner collected, passes through a special filter in the device's dustbin. That prevent allergens from spreading through the air, and the discharged from the jet air is absolutely clean and safe.

Our site RobotVacuum.eu offer a high-end robot vacuum from well-known and trusted companies, read customer reviews and a detailed description. You will very soon appreciate all the advantages of using this smart home device, and surprised how you used to do without this intelligent performer in the house.


Ilife V7 Ilife V7S Pro Xiaomi Mi 1


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